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Hoping to find a sweet sneaky deal for our flight home to North America from Europe. I understand your concerns Sarah, but as Chantelle said it was all legit and she had no problems. I would say you have to do whatever you feel comfortable with. If it worries you too much than I would probably stick to the booking sites you feel most comfortable with.

I think they knew I was trying to be sneaky, though…. Will try it again, though. Oh bummer. Sorry Nellene. Unfortunately it might not work every time. I think Chantelle did feel it worked better for Aussie flights. I think it works best that way because flights in Australia are always expensive as we have little competition whereas in the US you have more flight deals. And our country is bloody expensive so everything is generally more expensive.

Hi Lauren, As with any booking site flight prices depend on a lot of various factors. You may have to try different ways to come up with deals e. They work best with Australian flights, and are much cheaper when you compare the same flight time using the Australian Jetstar site. Love this tip! We all love a good bargain! However there is not a link in the top right corner to change the language to English… Are there any suggestions for this issue?

Maybe look around the site in other places to see if there is a change to English button. I hope you can work it out. Try using a different browser. Google chrome will automatically offer to translate pages for you. I will look for it. So if I get it translated what would you say are the risks of purchasing tickets this way? I guess be aware of the risks and be prepared for something to happen.

I know people who have done this and nothing has happened. Hey everyone, just wanted to check about the Brazil site. In Brazilian Reals they write it out like 1. I hope that makes sense. Maybe there are still flights for dollars, but I got confused by the exchange. I found the same thing, they use a decimal as a comma. People are buying things online all the time from other countries.

Does this work for US flights? I think it mostly works with Australian flights unfortunately. But I have heard of a couple of people finding cheap flights though. Try the Brazil site and see what you get. This is Crazy!!!

Here's why I book my tickets directly with the airline and not Priceline or anyone else...

Have you booked international yet? Do you think it would work? Gosh…we need to plan another trip!!! Looks really really great! Do you think it works for flights from Holland to Italy? Bcs, how is it possible I could buy a return ticket for only 0,25 euro cents instead of euro?! Give it a try and see. Just make sure you convert it correctly. Another way to save money on flights is to invest in a luggage scale. Airlines charge hundreds of dollars on overweight baggage fees. Easily weigh your bag at home instead of dealing with the hassle of finding out your luggage is overweight at the bag check counter.

The Light Flight scale is light and compact. Take it along on your trip to weight your luggage after vacation purchases have been added to your bag. Light Flight is the best travel scale out on the market. I love travel…yes i agree most of cost goes to flight…to spend each country not really a problem.. The Japanese site was cheaper than the US site. I am a owner of institute and last month I have arranged picnic trip to Thailand for our students.

I am overwhelmed because of rates of flight. The best tip in a long time. Yet to check out if it works sitting in India! Hope to apply this in my travel life which I am planning to convert from the stable traveling sector to slow traveling in the coming year or two. It will be definitely work. But It does not mean that you buy a cheap ticket and you compromise with the quality. We should never compromise with the quality. I agree. Quality must never be compromised even if it happens to be cheap. We just have to be careful and more precise in choosing.

Just because its cheap it does not mean no quality. There are loads of options to choose from to get both cheap and with excellent quality. Has anyone figured out any tips for flying in the US? Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the flights cheaper? I would love to know also. I was just trying this and it was the same price from both expedia sites. I strongly agree with you, when we change the country of origin in larger websites we get the cheaper and local promotions for that country, the same goes to hotel, if you book with UK site the price is around GBP10 and wen you go on US sit the price is around USD 10, so you save a lot, Thanks to Internet, now world is a village and with little clever tips, you can save a lot.

The price turned out to be thousands of dollars more than expected. Go to regular expedia. EVeryone has different results T. But, it depends on many variables which is why it is not working for you. Today is august 4, and since your date to now, the world has changed a little more. Hey very nice post. You can also try Triphello. It is having flight search engine that will search a wide number of websites and you can compare them and pick the cheapest one.

I couldnt find much more cheaper flights from zurich to los angeles from expedia japan and brazil, its even more expensive. And i just looked up the price to get home Staying a year in Oz tho! I am a bit worried they wont let me on the plane thought! It would be a problem as i only have a year visa and would not be able to afford a last minute plane ticket. Should i do this????

Do you have any great helpful tips or info to save costs when traveling from Vancouver to Perth…Australia and or New Zealand? I would be grateful for any help! Thank you S. This post has been really helpful. Whenever i m planning to travel in US, Australia, France and New Zealand, I usually like to look around for cheap deals and mostly lowendticket. They have dirt cheap deals. Also, there are other travel sites that have somewhat similar deals. I believe the economy of the country plays a role here. Although we tend to get domestic travel offers a few times through low cost carriers, yet to see any attractive international deals from any Airline.

Has anyone figured out any tips for flying within Europe? I just did it and it worked!!! Thank you so much! It did NOT work for me. I will try a couple of more times again. I am literally in shock. You said in your blog do at your own risk. Are you still doing this? Is this trick still working today?

Hi — i love your tips, great reading. I use that nearly every time i go from the south to Bangkok. Several years ago it was crazy expensive and i always used the busses. But no more hassle with that. Thank you guys for this post. I booked a ticket to Singapore from U. I am going to use this airline again for the future use. Instead of changing it to.

See for yourself this sneaky little Expedia trick that can save you money on flights. So here goes. How to get cheap flights on the internet 1. Choose your flights and dates. Please Note: Buying flights this way worked for me, and I did so knowing that I was taking a risk. Of course, if you decided to do the same you would be taking your own risk too. You should make your own decisions, as anyone should when buying products and services online. You might need to do a bit of exploring in your own market to find more.

The price is for a starter fare only, which means no baggage — only carry-on. You could also utlise a similar tactic in using a VPN , which allows you to browse the internet from a country of your choice. Name Website Email. I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. Reply to Workingwomenaus.

Reply to Craig. Reply to Amber. Reply to Andrew. Reply to Quinn. Reply to Tami. Great tips!! Reply to Erin. Reply to Chloe. Reply to Peter. Reply to Vinesh. Reply to Michelle. Reply to Hayley. Great deals Hayley. Thanks for the tip on Grabaseat. It also works this way on the Eurostar!! Thanks Michelle. Hopefully, they'll take over my reservation from Expedia. I'll never use again either. This is for our customers in general Yes, I work for Expedia. Reading all of the negative posts here makes me sad, only because I know what it's like to plan a vacation through a company I've used a few before I started working for Expedia and finding out too late that you've been duped.

Team Expedia is right, people need to listen to the "legal scripts" that are read to you or shown to you if you book on line during your call to Expedia. If there is something that is read to you that doesn't make sense, STOP the agent and have them explain it. Again, I do feel bad for those of you who have had bad experiences with Expedia.

Дешеві рейси лоу-кост, чартерних та інших авіакомпаній: знаходьте дешеві авіаквитки

Take your time with the agent when you call so you can make sure that everything is accurate in your reservation. Ask questions! At Expedia, we don't have a certain number of calls we have to take in an hour, so there's no need to rush through anything. Ask the agent to call the hotel if you have specific questions that we aren't able to answer. Or, ask the agent for the direct number to the hotel if you would rather call. ALL AT A SHOT NOW You will find it hard to believe my story which I am writing while waiting on the phone for Expedia.

Here is the complaint letter I wrote half an hour to Expedia - Expedia. The first try I was transferred and waited 50 minutes with no answer so stared again. This was after I told her I have waited 1 hr and half and asked to speak with a manager since she could "not guarantee" that I would not have to wait.

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I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on flights this year and this does not include my staff who travel equal amounts. I am entitled when I buy a ticket to a reasonable amount of service as part of the value of the ticket. PS - Timing you - on the second call so far.

It is time for the Airlines to take back this reversation function and allow us to book the best flight no matter what airline! Well, here's another one for you. I have now been trying to get through to them for five hours. I also waited, talked to a guy, got transferred So I started again. Made an error after getting through and lost the connection - another hour lost. Then I got through again and once again was transferred. I am so desperate I was crying when I was talking to the guy.

He did nothing. I tried to find out how long I would be waiting. He wouldn't tell me. So, two and a half hours later I'm still on hold trying to change my ticket.

Expedia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

They changed my flight so that my transfer time is not adequate to get from flight to flight. I'm sure their hope is that people will hang up and give up. It's just too pathetic - and unfortunate for expedia who clearly know nothing about customer relations see message above from them to prove the point.

Could have been a great business. The competition is great out there. My family and friends travel a lot -word will be spread and I will never use them again. I am madly running between two phones - trying to keep one charged so I don't lose the call again. Well, just a follow up. I never did get through to Expedia. Waited on the phone for four and a half hours listening to music.

I'm going to try phoning the actual airlines in the morning to see if I can get some help. As this is an emergency I had to book another flight but did it through Air Canada - had to call them twice to ask a question about my booking and they answered the phone each time within less than a minute. So, folks, just deal directly with the airlines. Expedia is crap. The guy at Expedia told me they were going to be reorganizing their system.

Yeah, sure. Hate to phone and give a service person a bad time. Not their fault of course, but man this is so frustrating The same ticket through Air Canada was The Latest from Me, an email to Expedia. You never did answer the phone but kept me waiting in line all that time. In addition you do not permit the Airline or anyone else to make changes to the flight [according to Lufthansa], and you require this to be done by phone according to your website. Please be in no doubt that I hold you in fundamental breach of contract and am entitled to full damages in compensation. You must have a legal background.

Maybe you could advise some of us on how to go about this. Maybe if everyone acted together we could put an end to Expedia for good and protect others from the nightmares we all know too well. The Expedia Saga continues their answer my reply. From: support service. Due to our high security measures your request can not be done via e-mail. We ask all Expedia. We apologize for your inconvenience this may have caused you. Along with any change penalties issued by the airline and fair difference.

You are both crazy and stupid if you think I am going to call again! Ed, I'm sorry that you're having such a problem with Expedia. I've booked many many trips for people in the past week who had spent a lot of time trying to work on our Canadian site. I wish that I had an answer for you! If I had any way of even looking up your itinerary number, I would! Our system only allows me to look up itinerary numbers that were booked with one of our US agents or on our US website.

My Expedia nightmare began back in Feburary. I decided to book the holiday of a life-time for my 30th birthday. I wanted flights only, travling from England to Jamaica to visit a friend for a while then we both flew to Las Vegas together where some more friends were flying out from England to meet us. Finally flying back to England after a dream holiday. I could see all the flights that I wanted on the web site, I just couldn't get the right combination online so I called them and booked it over the phone, not a problem I booked the flights for the dates and times that I wanted.

Only, when the e-mail confirmation came through my sirname had been spelt incorrectly. Even though I had spelt it out over the phone useing the phonetic alphabet at least three times during the booking. I had no reason to belive that this was a difficult problem to resolve. Any way to cut a very long story short, by the end of April after about 15 phone calls over the months since booking, I finally got the issue resolved about a week before my holliday. I had been in tears on the phone no end of times once in a life time holiday and all that speaking to people who don't seem to know the meaning of the term "customer service",it was like banging my head against a brick wall.

I still don't know how they managed this as I don't even have an account with them, I booked it through my friends account and she hasn't seen the voucher either. They did tell me that I would be able to reclaim any expences incured phone bills. I have been trying to do this since the beging of July.

They will ony corespond through my friends e-mail address because it is the one assosiated with the account, this makes life very difficult as she is in Jamaica, I have to E-mail her every time to forward it to them even though they sent me the amended E-ticket to my E-mail Address. I am getting so fed up with Expedia this has been going on for over nine months now, and it wasn't even my mistake in the first place. I swere I will never use Expedia again! I am anxious to hear how your situation turned out. Please post any info; I'm following your saga with interest.

In the meantime, I'm also warning everyone I know about the horrible nonexistent! And if you call to change even the smallest thing 2hr hold times. Think before you start to complain. CA AND. If all the pissed off customers blogging here stopped using expedia. Now to clear a few things up on expedia.

But telling the unlucky rep who answered your call how long you have waiting will not get you anywhere.. IF all agents had this training then there would be no agents available to take the rest of the hotel car insurance ppv calls. OMG and the worst calls are the people who put their names in wrong! YES sometimes there are agent errors.. As a rep i love going above and beyond to help my customers! Before you call expedia please read the faQs portion the site because what the site tells you is what needs to be done. We are there working hard to serve you I don't know about you guys but it always isn't smooth especially if it's real time.

If you got an error using you credit card and you put it in several times, your bank will detect that activity and will automatically put a hold in it, while expedia's system will put a hold on the purchasde as well. What will be reflected is a charge but there is no booking. A proof that you guys have a big mouth and a microscopic brain This company is truly pitiful, and I pity you who has to work for it and obviously believes in it enough to get on here and try to defend it. You need to wake up and smell the jet fuel, my friend. Randy, have you actually tried to wait for 5hours?

I suggest you call early morning or late evening. You know how staffing works? How i wish we could explain to you guys how the logic works! Ashley: More whining. Yes - in the end, I waited a total of 8 hours on hold, which I documented. That wasn't continuous - it was spread over 3 days with an average of 2. And I'm not exaggerating. I tried calling early morning I got up at am and after only 2 hours got an agent. Woo hoo! She was very courteous, and solved my problem.

Do I know how staffing works? And I'd have to also say I understand the importance of customer service, which is clearly lost in Expedia. Stop whining and making excuses and fix the problem. I wish i had the power to just snap my fingers and fix agent, customer, airline, hotel errors.. I gave up yesterday. They sent me an e-mail stating that my trip arrangements had to be changed.

I called with my itinerary number and the woman who answered asked what she could do for me! I asked her if her screen showed anything when my number was typed in and she said 'oh, just a minute' and then transferred me to where I am now, on hold. I hope I don't get arse jammed like the people writing on this web site.

Had I known that I wouldn't have booked on in the first place. CA rep! Try updating your customer software so that you can follow customer issues. The comments by alleged Expedia employees seem a bit harsh. Am still waiting on hold, half and hour. Surfed over to theeir web site and found this "Customer service improvements underway We're currently receiving a large volume of telephone and e-mail inquiries. As a result, your call wait time or e-mail response time will be longer than usual.

We're working hard to improve service capacity as soon as possible; in the meantime, we appreciate your understanding - and your patience. I feel like an Expedia Platinum perks client. I'm getting these fucktards confused. Happens when I fall asleep on the phone waiting for Expedia Expedia and other online services have no control over hotel prices. Hotels control the prices through and extranet system and are free to change them as often as they like and to whatever they like. Many hotels, and all hotels with a smart revenue management team, do guarantee the lowest available price on their own website.

The reason can be summarized in one word…Capitalism. These big third party channels have a set markup on the rooms they sell. The rate that you are seeing on Expedia, Orbitz, and the like are not the same rate that the hotel will get paid from the agency. It is way more cost efficient for hotels to sell rooms directly at the hotel or their own websites because they do not have as much built in cost to makeup. Old school travel agencies can sometimes find better deals than mega online booking engines for much the same reason. I hope some of that makes sense. Hotels will normally price their rooms higher on these sites because of the expense related to them.

Expedia is NOT the one who is changing your flights.. Expedia ahs been nothing but great for my family, particularly with package deals for vacation. We've enjoyed several all-inclusive vacation deals through them. Always a great low rate, and not one problem with flights overseas. For domestic air-only travel, I use the airline carrier directly in most cases. However, airlines have changed flights on me as well. For all the nay sayers about Expedia, then solution is simple. You can't be a ridiculous complainer and be totally cheap too. If you want great service, pay for it. I thought I had all this sorted out a few days ago but then received an e-mail message shortly after my last conversation.

I'm on hold now, have been for YES over two and a half hours!!!!!! These people are fucked! Expedia is the best until you need to speak to someone about your change. The fact that they take your money then let you rot when the airline makes changes is unethical.

The airline may be chaning your flight but the fact that you book through Expedia means that Expedia should be helping you or at least letting you know what happened. Also, putting people on hold for over 20 hours over the course of a week is ridiculous! People do have to work and eat and sleep, not wait on the phone for hours. Book through a real agent or book through the airlines, car rental companies, hotels directly.

And if the representative says that they will do something you fully expect it to be done. People don't have time to babysit other people who are so incompetent they can't even do their job correctly. When I called the airline I got through in 1 minute and they confirmed that all flights were as booked.

THAT makes your wait times high.. QUOTE " and i really do not think that language is necessary.. In fact I scaled it back. Your sense of self importance and ability to pass the buck is truly stunning. Are you a Congressman? C'mon don't lie. Anywyas, learn to spell, it will give more impact to your writing and make it look like it's coming from an educated person maybe.

By the way smart ass, I have used MS Dos, it was the first computer language for PC's, it's actually easy if you have more than a high school education and a brain like a sieve. I was using it when you were in diapers. Don't complain to me about your computers or the software. Take the dos book home and study it instead of playing video games and smoking pot.

If that was posted people wouldn't get as angry about getting screwed over. Stop crafting bloody excuses for the company and take some personal responsibility instead of blaming everyone else. I have no doubt I will win. Evidence posted on this site will be introduced as evidence. Keep it coming especially if it occurred on or arround November 6, I hope expedia's lawyers have to book their flights on Expedia. You'll win when they don't show up because their flights were cancelled.

Plaintiff claims punitive damages. Defendants advertises and instructs that changes to an itinerary are made by phoning Expedia. Plaintiff tried to call Expedia. Plaintiff called the correct Expedia. Plaintiff recalled the number and after another one-and-a-half-hours the phone was answered by Brenda: Defendent [Brenda] refused to allow Plaintiff to speak with a manager after respondent acknowledging that I would be put in another line to make an itinery change and there was no guarantee that there would not be a long wait.

Plaintiff remained in the line-up for six hours before giving up. Defendants purposefully, or by gross negligence, does not timeously answer legitimate calls made to numbers posted on its website Expedia. Defendants purposefully blocked Plaintiffs email changes to his itinerary knowing that Defendents could not be contacted any other way to make these changes 9. Defendants purposefully prohibited airline Lufthansa from effecting legitimate changes to the itinerary knowing that the Plaintiff Anderson could not make changes through the Defendants.

Plaintiff called Lufthansa to request a change but they said they were blocked by Expedia from doing so Defendants purposefully, or by gross negligence, does not respond timeously to email knowing that Plaintiff can lose its payment to the Defendants Defendants hides behind an Agent in Canada that is not possible to urgently visit, or to make legal claims against the company Plaintiff sent a claim by mail to the Defendants but there has been no answer Supporting documents are attached hereto Other evidence to be provided at trial.

Not sure howt this thing works, but my card ended up getting charged double the amout of the amount that was on my itenery receipt. I called up expedia cust supp and the lady told me that they charge this amount to hold up till the transaction gets cleared up.

She told that itll be returned in 24 hrs, still waiting, but im not sure if im satisfied with her answer and would appreciate sumbody from the expedia loving ppl here, if therz something i should worry about ill get my money back by tomorrow? Your petition is a nightmare. Tom: The program we use in the flight dept is NOT dos. Stop acting like a smart ass know it all. If you'd like you can come to my desk and fix your flights yourself since you apparently know how to use sabre. You should read more carefully..

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  4. As for taking responsiblily? All because they didn't review their purchase during one of their 4 oppurtunities to do so in the booking process. As for airline schedule changes, that is not up to expedia. We don't have control over the airlines and how many times they decided they want to leave a little later or which flights they don't want to fly anymore so if you booked with expedia or the airline directly, you would still have the same schedule changes. Comments by Another expedia. Quote "The program we use in the flight dept is NOT dos. Sorry, I did misread the DOS reference but the point remains the same.

    If sabre is complicated then pick up the book and learn the codes instead of telling customers that they are getting screwed around because the software is too difficult. In regard to me looking 'smarter' I could give a rats ass if you think I'm smart or stupid. Now get back to work dickwad, there are ten thousand people on hold trying to sort out their screwed up plans. I guarantee you that all the agents who work with sabre have more then mastered the program, and that is not the issue. CA agent wrote the explanation in a way that caused confusion.

    Expedia has to follow the same rules that our customers do. I am sorry you all feel this way about expedia. If Expedia didn't make money on selling airline tickets they simply wouldn't do it. Expedia is not a non profit organization and will only push products that they can make money on. Wrong again Yo Hotels do not pocket change or cancellation policies like what you speak of. The contracts This is all done at Expedia's discretion. Expedia does not "pre-purchase" hotel rooms in bulk, they are given certain amounts of inventory by the hotel based on availability.

    You did not, by the way, tell the truth about the amount Expedia gets for airline tickets. The only thing that "disappoints" me is that you attribute fees Expedia charges to the hotels when they have nothing to do with them. OK I have a solution. Perhaps I've been too harsh here. Expedia needs to understand the concept of 'disclosure' and make the necessary changes so that people like me and countless others are not blindsided.

    CA rep previously. I am on the Corporate side of the hotels. You don't sell cheaper, you tell people that you do. There is a big difference. I can tell people that an apple is an orange, doesn't make Granny Smith citrus does it? Wrong again on the Expedia Special Rate I enjoyed the Expedia representative tell us how business flights are rebooked. Now wordsmith an answer to this. When I got there, they told me I had to goto another Hotel I did not want an "upgrade" - I wanted what I had purchased. For 2 of the 5 night stay I was at another resort.

    I was then told that I had to leave and head back to the other hotel. I was really happy that I was of so much convenience to Negril Gardens. Everyone knows one of the key intangible take-aways from a vacation is familiarization and no hassles. Well I have neither. I called Expedia wanting a refund - for simply the 2 nights not promised at Negril Gardens.

    They flat out refused. They placed blame on Negril Gardens. I tried countlessly to inform them that the issue of refunds does not come from Negril Gardens but with whom I purchased the ticket from; Expedia. The relationship between Expedia and Negril Gardens is for Expedia to fix. In reality I should be reimbursed the complete vacation. They "xfer" you to a supervisor who never comes to the phone. Its a big wait game. Screw Expedia. I hope they get whats coming to them. And Mr Expedia who answered above -please respond. I am waiting to hear your arguement.

    I will never give Expedia my business again. Next: our plans changed and we had to postpone the trip. This seemed fair and was fine with me. I had my confirmation number, after all. When I tried to re-book, this number didn't seem to matter much, as my records were frozen in the system, unable to be retrieved even by the "saber computer" and a supervisor. Another thing: I was issued paper tickets, although I never asked for them. When I called to cancel and get my confirmation number, I was never told that it was imperative that I hold on to them. I learned this the day after garbage day.

    Drove all the way to the nearest airport, only not to be helped, but on the whole the airline people were much smarter and friendlier than Expedia. They told me they NEVER recommend dealing with these online sites, they make problems that the airlines have to fix.

    Top Destinations for Expedia Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

    Spending their time money and customer service to figure out. In the end, I lost. Filled out the "lost ticket refund", waited 6 months for a reply and was denied. Okay Mr. What about me? It said, "the price on your tickets has gone up". I never asked for paper tickets, why would I? Evidentally the man was looking at my reservation.

    Also, what's with my reservation being lost? This mystified many over at Expedia. I spent 5 days and 10 hours on hold or speaking with people that spoke limited English. Quite a few references to the "saber computer". So, besides correcting me, can you help? I still have a copy of my email and orignal ticket numbers and confirmation code. I'll pay all the fees. I'm not asking for something for nothing, I want justice. Expedia pulled the same scam with me as well which is more of a breach of contract, or should be looked at as a promissory estoppel issue.

    I think everyone should get together and see if we can't get a class action law suit against them. I would also like to say that their agent supervisor, Carmeli spelling? It seems obvious that there are a number of people who have fallen victim to Expedia, Inc. I think in the aggregate there would be significant damages that could easily be proven, provided of course Expedia, Inc.

    Where they need to be hit the most though is on the punitive damages side to keep them from continuing on this practice for fraudulent misrepresentations. But I think there needs to be a class action law suit filed against them. I plan on taking them to small claims court this summer, but a class action suit seems more appropriate to keep them from doing this in the future. Expedia was also in court a few years ago because they were charging customers for taxes that were supposed to be paid out to the cities in whch they booked packages too I just think that their misrepresentation scam is a way to compensate for those lost revenues Are their any attorneys out there just itching to get a big cut on a punitive damages award?

    I think you'd have a great case in a class action suit!!! I was scammed by both Expedia and Travelocity. I would book a hotel, guaranteeing the type of room, and end up with something less than satisfactory. Or if they do find a hotel but at a higher cost then it's your problem to pay for the difference?

    So I'm supposed to pay more for their mistakes??? Once you locate a good price, call the airline or hotel and book directly through them. You whiny, bitchy customers really need to shut the fuck up. Go work for the Expedia. To top it off the customer service call centre isnt even owned by Expedia. It's a 3rd party call centre called Arvato Digital Services.

    What does this mean? Well the average Expedia. So this basically means everyone you talk to is new and doesn't have the slightest fucking clue what they are doing much less give a flying fuck. When they were running the call centre things were much better. Needless to say Arvato won't have the contract with Expedia. All I am saying is while Expedia Canada is a slimy dirty business, a big part of that is the shitty call centre they are doing business with She is the beastly account manager for Expedia. Ask her how Kimbery Witmer's tongue feels on her asshole.

    I booked my husband flight with Expedia, but unfortunately I spelt his name incorrectly.

    Expedia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    I contacted Expedia within less than 24 hours and said that unfortunately nothing they could do, they said that they contacted the airline British Airways and that they refused to make changes of the name. So you know what? We lost the ticket and this will not be refundable, so we had to buy a new one. I contacted British Airways and said that if the ticket was bought through them name changes could be made, but unfortunately nothing they could do about this.

    We are very frustrated about this situation as we feel this is a scam. Expedia is not helping at all in this situation and is adamant to correct the error on the ticket. Anywone can give us advice? We booked flights online from Austin to NY to Casablanca, they were a little more but the We recieved tickets and guess what.

    Called expedia where they are located in Phillipines and of course waited and waited for supervisor, who never answered. To cancell flight they were going to charge over They could not make changes they said. Also said you confirmed flight when u paid. I replied yes we did, but it was not what you sent us. No matter what there was no help for the customer.

    This is a rip off! Please someone help. I work for Expedia. Expedia are shit, I would never in my life book with them, but not just because they're shit but you get a better deal and its safer booking directly with the airline or hotel and you save on SO many admin fees Expedia charge. Remember Expedia are just a middle man. And when I say Expedia is shit, I don't mean the call centre staff or their managers, but the people who actually make the rules and systems and decide on how much would be great to charge people in fees. They're the scamming ones. The call centre staff's hands are tied by all these stupid rules and most of the time I feel like telling customers they are insane for booking with Expedia.

    They don't need your custom nor do they care if you're unhappy, they have your money and thats the end of it. Just don't book with them again and advise others not to. Thank you for the information on expedia. Unfortunately it comes to late for me as I've been scammed by them for hotel reservations that were listed as refundable which magically became non-refundable after they had my money.

    Expedia seems to follow the Ferengi rules of business "once you have their money, never give it back". I have caught the ear of my state's attorney who is going to investigate them and possibly go for damages if they can find enough evidence. Any employees who have inside knowledge of deceptive practices by management are encouraged to post them either here or on Topix which has great google search placement. I am also looking for advice on how to inform people of problems with Expedia BEFORE they make the mistake of doing business with them.

    Also it seems Expedia owns a number of other travel websites such as Hotels. If you don't like Expedia, you're going to want to avoid its affiliates or satellites also. I recently purchased a ticket from Frankfurt, Germany to Austin,TX but due to an emergency needed to change flight dates. I called Expedia from Germany, since changes weren't allowed online, only to be told that no changes at all would be allowed on the flight. It was a "use it or lose it" ticket.

    I understand that airlines have rules and expedia has to abide by these rules and thats all good. So now I haven't seen the rules, purchased the ticket, but still have expedia applying the rules to my ticket. If I'd known that the ticket was non-changeable, I wouldn't have purchased it. I've called from Germany several times, emailed several more only to be on hold for hours and be told that those are the rules. When I purchased the ticket I agreed to the rules that were shown but can't possibly agree to something that wasn't there and somehow in retrospect is being applied now.

    I'm out of over euros On hold with expedia right now to speak with a manager. The first line of defense customer service rep refused to believe that the rules were not shown when the ticket was purchased. Of course, he wasn't listening to what I was saying though its been mentioned on this very site that its the customers that don't listen and the reps are all ears.

    I'm sorry but this one cust rep refused to listen to what I was saying. Now I made a screen capture video of the entire purchase process and yes, clicked on any and every link that could show me any rules and a page kept coming up saying "We have not received rules or restriction information for this flight". Now my issue is that if I wasn't even shown what the rules are, why are those non-existent rules being applied to my ticket Spoke with a supervisor Leo Dela in Manila who claimed that he is the highest point of contact and has no bosses.

    Well unless he is the CEO of expedia or something, that just can't be true. Anyhow, he squarely put the blame on the airlines. Again, I said, I did my part in being a careful purchase by clicking and wanting to read the rules applicable to my fare. The rules now showing up is their fault and they should take responsibility for that instead of hiding behind "its the airline rules". Its not like I want them to give me a free ticket, I just want the ticket I paid for changed to a different date!

    I am the Manager of a Hotel that does lots of business with the online travel sites, including Expedia. While I greatly enjoy the revenue I get from such sites, I would never use them myself. You are not getting a "discount" in most cases, especially if you have bought just a ticket or just a hotel room. You are really only going to save by booking packages. You will often times get a better rate by calling directly. There are lots of restrictions and limitations with these type of bookings. It is very, very important you actually read the fine print. While I empathize for most of the situations described here, as I have seen some of them unfold right in front of me from guests in my hotel, it is rarely the direct fault of Expedia.

    Often times people are quick to "grab a deal" and do not read all the limitations. You can put in requests, but it is ultimately what the hotel has available in their inventory that decides what type of room you are booked into. With double charges on your card, don't call Expedia to try and have them reverse it. Call your card company and dispute it. Not only will it be faster, but you will far more often get a decision in your favor.

    I can honestly say that the amount of proof I have to provide in any dispute by a guest is sometimes bordering on the absurd. Card companies will usually side with card holders, not companies. Hotels set the benchmark rates, provide the contact info and ammenity descriptions.

    What is on the site for my hotel is exactly what I submitted to them. If there is wrong information, then it is the fault of the hotel and not that of Expedia. Hold times are abhorrent. I tried calling today about a billing issue, and sat on hold for entirely too long, however it was eventually settled. They do an enormous volume of business and such have a large call volume.

    I understand that it is frustrating, but unfortunately, usually when you are calling, so is everyone else that has an issue. If possible, wait until non-peak hours to call, you will have much better luck. I've worked with 3rd party sites for many years now on the other side of the spectrum and know exactly how they book rooms at my hotel along with the limiations, if you have any further questions, please post them here and I will do my best to answer.

    The customer service reps tell you that prices can change on a moments notice. This has happened to me three times now where I was told the price changed when I went to check out. Funny thing is, I kept checking back every day thereafter, and they kept advertising the same bogus price and kept upcharging at checkout. It is a SCAM, plain and simple. Each of these three times I ended up finding the same flight on Orbitz for the original Expedia-quoted price. Since then, I just started skipping Expedia altogether. I've finally come up with an idea to inform people who may not otherwise know of the negatives of doing business with Expedia.

    Magnetic placards for our automobiles. All we need now is a short effective memorable quote that will make anyone seeing it think twice about doing business with this sorry company. Something humorous and memorable would be good for spreading the anti-Expedia anti-Hotwire meme. After planning our trip for several months.

    We decided to book our trip using Expedia. The first customer service person we contacted was not very knowledgeable and deleted our information 3 times and had to start over. This should have been my first clue to do it myself. After no sucess with the telephone agent I decided to book it online. We split our payment between 2 debit cards.

    When we submitted the reservation 1 debit card rejected the other debit card accepted. I called Expedia, after 3 calls, and over 2 hours on the phone I was told there was nothing we could do and the charge would fall off our card in 24 to 72 hours. The amounts deducted from our accounts were bizarre amounts and had nothing to do with the reservation amounts or the amounts entered into Expedia.

    This time I contacted my bank directly and told them what happened. Prior to making the reservations we visited our banks and raised our daily limits so that there would be no reason that the reservations would not be accepted. It seems like Expedia is using customers money up to 3 days therefore earning interest without providing the customer with anything.

    Lisa midland, Texas U. HA now that's funny! This is not true.. This is a whole bunch of crap.. Hey is Priceline or Travelocity paying you? I am just a little surprised by everything on here. For one, it is true that most of these complaints should not be directed towards expedia but the responses to them are quite rude as well. I'm going to try to explain certain things that I do keep seeing on here that I think need explaining.

    Hold times. Yes, sometimes they suck. That does happen with a lot of companies but it is never the intention. What bothers me is that people wait on hold and then are very rude the representative about it even though they have no control. They work as fast as they can and have no control over how many employees are hired and working to lower the hold times. Honestly, you catch flies better with honey, if people were less rude people may try a little harder for you. Though that is more of a pet peave so lets move on. Expedia vs. I do realize that it sounds like Expedia won't take responsibility but to be honest, it's not their responsibility.

    Expedia is an online booking company. Not a travel agency that does everything for you and not the airline that controls everything. If it were Expedia changing your flights then Expedia would have control over every airline it is able to book which is a least almost all of them. Calling expedia a scam because the price sometimes changes as you're going through the process of booking. I do agree that is a major pain in the ass and I wish it didn't happen to but there is nothing illigal until they charge you more after you've given them your credit card information.

    Telling you the price was wrong before you pay for it is not wrong. I would also like to note that I've also had it lower in price as I go through the process. The simple explanation is that the website is not up to second and unfortunatley not always even up to the day so as it checks availability while going through the booking process, sometimes it's different so the price changes.

    Lasty is hotels. Yes, any company like Expedia does charge you more than it pays for hotels. That is how it makes money. That is why Expedia is a company and not a non-profit organization. Honestly, it's not always a deal. About 9 times out of 10 it is, but sometimes it's not. That is why when you're a booking anything, hotel, car, flight, package, anything you should shop around. That is just good sense. What I don't see as good sense is complaining because the company you want to book with doesn't have the cheapest price.

    Shop around and book the cheapest way possible. I don't want to be rude and call anybody stupid but a lot of these 'horror stories' are simply people wanting the rules to be different than they are. Unfortunately their not. All companies have loop holes to cover their buts and rules to save their money. Expedia doesn't want to shell out their money just as much as you don't. Do I think Expedia is absolutely the best way to go? Not at all. It's one of the many options available to you and if you don't like it, don't use it.

    I just ask that people put the blame where it belongs. If you booked a flight to the wrong place or spelled your name wrong or want a cheaper price than what you agreed to pay in the first place, I just don't see how Expedia is responsible for that. Omg you fucking stupid customers! I work at expedia. So let me tell you its not a matter of our agents not knowing how to use the system its because the system is ancient!

    Its all codes! Let me tell you its not as easy as clicking an option on a screen! Just to pull up rules on a ticket you have to type in a command that takes up half the screen! Looking up rules can take 10 minutes if it is a multicarrier tkt!! And then when we get the rules on our screen it takes a little while to go through the 6 screen fulls of writing!

    Why don't we get a different system you ask? Because every airline uses sabre! Don't fix it if it aint broken! So after we look up the rules we have to sit there and find flights for you cause you stupid fucks don't know what u want before you call! Once all that bullshit is over we need to do the exchange and do something called a qrex if we type one thing wrong all hell breaks lose!

    So we take our time a qrex can take 5 minutes and we need to do one for each passenger so that takes a long time to so next time you wanna whine and bitch about the hold times think that maybe this shit takes time because there are steps that we need to take! And we want to do it correctly so you stupid fucks can have a good vacation and for everyone that spells their name or spouses name wrong should really be kicking themselves in the ass cause if you can't spell your name right you deserve to buy another tkt.

    I messed up a flight I booked with Expedia, and whilst waiting to see if I could get a refund being disconnected 2x and misinformed 1x and on hold for a total of 3 hours during 5 calls! I found this site. I think it pays to be nice. Don't we have enough negative vibes around us? Think about it! Worked for me! Thank you Expedia! If you DONT read them dont blame someone else. If you spell yours or anyone elses name wrong, dont blame someone else. And believe this happens ALOT. Expedias agreement with the airlines does NOT allow name changes, primarily because you are getting much lower fares than the airlines would like.

    Name changes are sometimes done by the airlines but only if it is 1 or maybe 2 letters, but NEVER a complete change, tickets are not transferable and that in effect is what you are asking. Hotels: ESR clearly displayed on the website are pre allocated rooms to Expedia in bulk, therefore discounts are better, when their gone their GONE, no matter how many rooms the hotel may have left. Stop complaing about the fine print, your using a computer, you can increase the size soooo big even the blind can read it, and in most cases their even in RED.

    Fares can change and do, live with it, they advise you of an increase, and even a decrease. YOU dont have to accept it. The airlines change their flights, cancel flights, overbook etc. NOT Expedia so why blame them. Let them try to help you.