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But it might be worth the investment. You are new and have a regular paypal account. And even if you can make 4 an hour that is hours a month just in manufacturing the item, plus there is time for listing, packaging and shipping.

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And that doesn't even take into account is the item going to have a demand of over items a month and if you are able to find something like that, within2 months dozens of other people will be selling the same thing. Just some things to think about. They are also established, have lower costs then a new seller, and some of them list , plus items a month. You won't make any money selling HERE at that price level. OP hopes to sell something she can ship in a regular letter envelope, which reduces her costs for postage and supplies, but it's still not a viable strategy from the perspective of a return on her time.

Also, not sure what you're counting as "handling could be a lot higher " since you already entered a cost for the envelope.

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  • But the basic conclusion is still the same: For low-cost items, there just isn't a reasonable hourly return on your time, UNLESS it's an item you can sell in multiples with a low time investment in setting up the listing and shipping the item. The reason why I used a bubble mailer is because some customers will kill you on a plain white envelop and the shipping time involved not to mention some will slam you just for no tracking. I would be extremely careful about selling anything in a plain white envelope, but thats just me.

    I think you could make good money if you sold "A Sense of Humor" on this site. There are lots and lots of people who need it. Problem is, they'd probably never recognize the need and return it as SNAD when they realize they're naturally grumpy. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community.

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    • The shipping rate under the postal treaty can be a fraction of what it costs to send the same item from the U. The difference may not seem like a lot, but added up over millions of low-cost consumer items, its effect has been a disadvantage for American retailers on e-commerce portals. The subsidized ePacket service limits packages to 2 kilograms 4.

      Chinese sellers estimate shipping through the services take 10 to 20 days from China to the U. Is there really a "solar cockroach educational toy??? This is a crazy array of items. Dollar Tree is my favorite Dollar store. I love it and your humor put a spark in my day today. Thank you I love the Dollar Tree.

      I loose and break mine so it works for me. Thanks for visiting and commenting LoisRyan! This is awesome. We have a couple Dollar Trees in our area and they are the best of all the Dollar Stores. Now I have ideas for stocking stuffers. I even got several nice looking fleece shirts from there. I'm going to take a look at the banana erasers. Ebay is a great source for online purchases. Thank you! Okay Tammy, I have to show my wife this one. She's all about savings. We know all about the Wendy's frosty. That's one of her favorite things to get.

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      We are always looking for better ways to be frugal in our daily living. Voting up! I found diabetic socks size large for a neighbor everywhere else they are well over five dollars each. They hold up well and when they come in again she has me restock. I also go and get some dried fruits and nuts everywhere else there over three dollars. Great hub. Thanks for reading!

      Even I went down the list I found plenty of things I would not buy. But, that's okay, thanks for putting such a great list together. I wish I could buy this stuff in my country for a dollar, but alas it will never be so. Oh well! Great hub though. Useful and detailed. Thankyou I enjoyed reading your hub : Tammy. I printed this thanks!

      Way too many goodies to miss out on for Christmas stockings. I had no idea about some of these. Me too all elsematters! Those dollar deals aren't as healthy, but they are so good, especially the french fries. I had fun in browsing your list.. I love eating.. Didn't know a buck could go so far these days.

      Those are some really great deals to look out for.

      $1 WISH SLIME VS $1 EBAY SLIME! Which is Worth it?!?

      Wow John! I guess Cancun is a tourist trap. I am rough on things and if I break them, a dollar isn't a hard replacement. Lets hope our dollar deals stick around in this economy. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hi Tammy, and what an awesome read this is. I'm so glad we live in a country where a dollar can still get you a couple of thing. A co-worker of mine just came back from Cancun and was telling me how expensive everything is there and a dollar gets you absolutely nothing.

      Thanks for stopping by healthylife. I just got some dollar mascara from Sally's. I love getting such a bargain. I hope these bargains will stay around for a long time! What a fun hub! Even in this economy I can't feel guilty about spending a dollar. When my kids were really little we used to go to our dollar store all the time and they would be so excited to get something. Now I'm the one excited to get something for a dollar. Voted up and shared!! Amazing, It reminds me, "By anything in Re.

      The dollar is mighty. I spend more money at the dollar store than any store. I try do any necessary shopping before stepping inside one. Great job. That is awesome Peggy! I wish I could get fresh fruit and vegetables at a store like that. Prices are just too high! That may be a great hub idea since you live in such a large city.

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      I would enjoy that store. Thanks so much for reading and for sharing that! We have a 99 cent store not too far from where we live. I go straight to the back of the store where they sell fresh ingredients Often I can buy 2 or 3 large red peppers for that price and often only 1 in the regular grocery stores is over a dollar. That is just one example.

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      Quite the savings! Interesting hub! By the way, while living in the US I loved going to the 99 cents store, is amazing all the well known brands you can find in this stores!!!!! That is too funny vocalcoach. McDonalds really has some excellent coffee. Thanks for sharing that. Tammy - McDonalds has a senior rate for coffee. I think its like. My son sticks me in the car and orders himself a coffee at senior rate :.

      Thanks for this. It was entertaining and informative. Now I have a use for those pesky one dollar bills.